The brief was to collaborate with an external organisation, artist or establishment in order to create a collaborative piece of media, demonstrating ability to work professionally alongside others.

I was able to collaborate with University of Plymouth’s Open Mic Night event, Jam House with UPSU to create a short promotional documentary, three promotional posters and a short promotional video which could then be uploaded to their social media platforms and expand their audience.

Jam House encourages local musicians to perform in front of a regular crowd, building confidence, technique and allows their name to be more widely recognised.


Director and Producer: Meredith Bond

First Camera Operator: Meredith Bond

Second Camera Operator: Ellie Ford

Behind the Scenes: Oliver Boston

Photography: Meredith Bond, Olly Boston and Lily York

Jam House Hosts: Olly Parker and Jamie Yost

UPSU Events Manager: Michelle Rhysdale