I work as a freelance videographer and photographer, based in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Whilst currently working with Apple, Stone’s Throw Media and I AM VIP Photography, my main passion is music video production and music photography. I have had the opportunity to work alongside incredible producers and directors of whom I credit highly and am grateful to. I believe film-making is innate, telling a story through moving image is a skill not everyone can put on their CV.








  • BA (Hons) Media Arts, Film. (Second Class Honours: Upper Division)
  • 3 A Levels (A-B) including English Literature, English Language and Product Design.
  • 2 AS Levels including Music Technology.
  • 12 GCSE’s (A-C).



  • Music video director, producer and editor for KIRBY. May 2019.
  • Photographer at O2 Institute, Birmingham. May 2019.
  • Photographer at O2 Academy, Birmingham. January 2019.


  • Specialist at Apple. September 2018 and Present.
  • Photographer for I AM VIP. August 2018 and Present.
  • Freelance videographer and editor for Stone’s Throw Media. August 2018 and Present.
  • Wedding videography, first camera operator, Doble Photography. August 2018 and Present.
  • Director, producer and camera operator of live music video for local Cornish band, The HahasJuly 2018.
  • Director and producer of documentary film with Aston Villa LFC. February 2018
  • Film Producer for Graduate degree show, FRUIT, University of plymouth. February 2018 – June 2018
  • Director, producer and camera operator, promotional documentary, social media promotional video and promotional photography for University of Plymouth’s Jam House Open Mic Night, UPSU. January 2018.


  • Assistant to the director of Channel 4’s “999-What’s Your Emergency?”, camera operation and interviews, Blast Films. October 2017.
  • Hired to create a music promotional film, UPSU, University of Plymouth. November 2017.
  • On set working with the crew of the 2017 Mother’s Day Photobox advertisement. February 2017.
  • Director of YCN Student Awards project for Greenall’s Gin, University of Plymouth. March 2017.
  • Camera operator for pre-recorded and Live TV segments for UPTV Cheap Thrills, University of Plymouth. May 2017.
  • Producer and pre-production for pre-recorded segment, UPTV Cheap Thrills, University of Plymouth. May 2017.
  • Camera operator for collaborative promotional project with a local band, Plymouth. November 2017.


  • A week working closely with Television Producers at TwoFour, Plymouth. Research project with NASA. July 2016.
  • DOP at outer university exhibitions, University of Plymouth. January 2016.
  • Out With the Old, in With the Used, Exhibitioner and curator, University of Plymouth. May 2016.


  • Producing a number of Year Leaver’s videos for King Edward VI School, Lichfield. June 2015.


  • Completion of a number of independent film projects.
  • Appeared twice on BBC’s Casualty during younger school years.
  • Independent research when taking on filming projects.

Software & Kit

  • Canon C100
  • Sony A7II
  • Nikon (D5300, D7000, D3300)
  • Canon (Canon 700D, Canon 5D MII)
  • Nikon lenses (50mm, 35mm, 18-55mm, 70-300mm)
  • Video editing software Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro on Apple Mac.
  • Photographic editing software Lightroom and Photoshop on Apple Mac.
  • Experience in music studios for music production.
  • Experience in a green screen studio.
  • Use of photographic and filming studios with lighting equipment.
  • Completed inductions on Foley sound work for animations.